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JUNE 2010


Green Egg, The Dodecahedral Universe

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Synergetic Qabala
and the Qabalistic Tree of Life


MARCH 2010




The Long Crisis, PsyStrat & Tavistock Agenda Revealed

Worldview Warfare -- Is popularity the ultimate coup?

By Iona Miller, 10/2009




MAY 2010 - Antibothis Occulture Journal, Vol. III, (Portugal) "Sasha's Ecstasy & NEOcontrollers Agony" (Iona also appeared in Vol.I)


 ANTIBOTHIS - Occultural Anthology 3 (from Portugal)

Book anthology + cd compilation.

Featuring articles from:

The anti-civilizationist author JOHN ZERZAN on "Silence".

LIAM SIONNACH from Earth First on " Becoming an Anti-Capitalist Ecological Social Force".

CHAD HENSLEY on " Dead Lays".

EWEN CHARDRONNET on "Molecules of Combat".

IONA MILLER on "Sasha´s Ecstasy & the Agony of CONtrollers".

JOE AMBROSE on " The Darker Side of Me - White Irish".

NIGEL AYERS on "All Killer, No Filler".

WILFRED HOU JE BEK on "In Defense of Primate Poetics".

FRANK RHYNNE on " Brian Jones Joujouka Rolling Stone".

RANDALL PYKE on " Neo-Anarchist Dream State".

ADI NEWTON and JANE RADION NEWTON on "The Denizens of Beyond".

Antibothis cd compilation includes:

The Master Musicians of Joujouka, Lydia Lunch with Philippe Petit, Checkpoint 303, Kal Cahoone, Gintas K, Orbit Service, Anla Courtis, Stpo, Jabe Radion Newton and Adi Newton / T.A.G.C.,  Zeitkratzer, Pietro Riparbelli/K11, Gjoll.

PRICE : 15.00 euros with postage included everywhere,payable through Paypal , please go to Buy Books link.

Published by Associação Chili com Carne and Thisco
THISCOvery CChanel collection

First edition, May 2010

Cover art & illustration by
André Lemos -

Design by
João Cunha


"From Helix to Hologram"

Brief Description

"Sedona Vortex"

Brief Description

"Schumann Resonance & Human Physiology"

Brief Description

HAARP & the Voice of the Planet

"Blinded By the DMT Light"

Sample Photo 5

Brief Description

"Tom Bearden: Wizard of Zero Point"

Brief Description

"Is Earth Becoming A Dune Planet?"