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11/2008: "Physicists Give up and Go Home; Miller Has It Covered: Dear Ms. Miller; I admit that I am impressed with your intuitiveness even if how you arrived at your reasoning is not clear. I see you are familiar with the work of Prof. Hal Puthoff though. I particularly like the postulation that "gravity is enfolded EM potential". As a theoretical physicist having worked on loop quantum gravity for a number of years, I have found that at least personally, I believe this to be the case. (Although I am not at all the advocate for gravitons!) Many of your statements show that you have understood most of the hard-to-grasp areas of physics and I would be interested in discussing them with you. What is your technical knowledge with regards to experimental physics and engineering applications? Perhaps you could apply yourself to hot nuclear fusion, we're all struggling with that... -- Warm regards, Pascal"

I'm sitting here writing a testimonial to someone who, over the past several years, has become a very close friend. It's a humbling experience. It somehow seems very superficial to list her obvious qualities (beauty, brains, compassion, creativity, insight, perspicacity, artistic skill, humor, wit). Instead, I'm invited into a space where such words become superfluous, and the only thing left is essence. There are many people in the world whose "qualities" are limited to the personality level, but who have nothing substantive behind their persona. Not so for Iona, whose discerning, open-hearted Sagittarian optimism and generosity of spirit burns bright behind the mask of personality. How would I want to conclude a testimonial such as this? By opening my own heart. By thanking her for being there as a friend. By offering my very best to her in return, knowing that if I let go of the trapeze and did a triple summersault in mid-air and without a safety net, she'll be there to catch me. As Lenore Kandel said in a poem with a similar conceit, it will be Io's turn next time! And I'd be there to catch her! -Michael

Subject: To a fascinating new Friend: "A long time since I said this to anyone . . . yours is one of the most fascinating pages I have come across in a very long time. A delight to have this connection with you.
Luv Lyn"

Completely over my head. I love it. - Wendell

Iona is the goddess of thought and light;
Nothing compares with the feeling of experiencing genius one gets from reading her works and no better companion could be had for that trip to the bottom of the rabbit hole. --Pirate King

You are amazing! Inspiring beyond word's....cannot wait to meet you in pajama's,sitting around, drinking tea,commenting on twigs,and dust...or something miniscule,yet profound as newsprint imbedded in wrinkled fingers kinda thing....or something like that....Iona , cannot believe we have crossed path's I am so honored and excited- you are truly a Divine piece of Divinty!How's that for diversity of language? Cannot wait to co create the Physic's of Burlesque with you! So honored to Gno you! .--Sister Diggins

Eilan says, "No less a kabbalist expert whose writings have inspired and invigorated my understanding, but a polymath of the highest order. My hat I take off to you."

I ADORE Mademoiselle Iona! If the concept of "joie d'vivre" had not previously existed, they would have had to invent it in her lovely honor! -Veronique

Cyber-Goddess, Cosmic guru. Someone with a sence for the right direction, sister of light and dark, trading places in a spark ! -Sacred Buffalo

I have only just recently (two days ago!) discovered your writings and I 'thank you' sincerely for your work, you have inspired me to glow once again...I have been rather bored lately.....hungry for I don't really know what....but after reading your work I am feeling just bright eyed and bushy tailed! Well fed and ready to continue my journey! - Pamela

I am aware that you are involved in at least several traditions that are of interest to me and I was wondering if you ever take on students (probationary or otherwise). I keep finding myself going back to things I have found in your writings. Some provide answers and often new questions. -Brendan

This is very enlightening.....I am an artist of many years but havent praciticed actively for some time now...what you have put here is explaining my maladies in toto...now that i understand where this set of negatives is coming from i can do something about it!! -AJ


"a clearly pragmatic mystic with great practical wisdom." -Michael 12/09

i'm reading all your material, which i find mind-blowing, and eventually a would like to print it. So i was wondering if you have it in a printable format, so i can avoid long cut & paste sessions. -mr. psychoplasm

I read your article about Tom Beardon recently.You have one common theme in all the things that interest you and that is energy. -Lee

WOW! What an extensive undertaking in your [Psychogenesis] study and manifestation of your ideas as imagery concerning the mysteries and myths held in the human heart and mind. Thank you. I will return. -Ingrid, Scandanavia

I love your PSYCHOGENESIS collages. They speak to many of the things that I'm exploring. It's reassuring to find intelligent and aware individuals on their own quests and making connections. You are onto to something here. -Don

IONA, YES ! what can I say??? your stuff has kept me up all night & im only 1/8th thru the google trip. our ART is SPECTACULAR, your portraits a SCREAM…your vision out of this as well as many other worldZ ! canI learn your language? can I BE your groupie? - Victoria, Antwerp, Belgium

Wanted Iona Miller! All Good with you?Myname is Sandro and I already wrote for I you with interest in its wonderful writings ok! I am student of Thelema and I would like To change information with I you - Sandro, Brazil

Thank you very much for your references on Eros and Psyque. I am starting to reflect on the experience of passion in the work of psychoanalysis, both clinical and theoretical, because I think this is the main lack in contemporary psychoanalysts. - Jorge, Peru (Psychoanalyst)

I just discovered your website. Very powerful, very enlightening. I'm a growing student of the Merkabah-lightbody Metaphysique, and your site is a literal smorgasbord of information about this ancient and venerable realm. I will be visiting and studying your site in times to come. Thanks for the richness of your knowledge. - Verdell

I am indeed very happy to know many of your writings on holographic universe and related articles. I have been yearning long to bring to your notice a research
finding of mine. - C. Ramesh, India

I just wanted to drop a quick email to you to let you know that I have read your paper on The Physics of Consciousness Engineering and I absolutely love, love, loved it!!!!! In fact, I am re-reading it again and I love it even more the second time around. Had no idea I could actually email you and tell you personally. Something I have wanted to do ever since reading it the first time. So thank you universe for helping me find that I could, after all, say a personal thank you for this brillant work. - Theida

I was delighted in particular to have found your "Ten Classical Metaphors of Spiritual Transformation in Mysticism and Meditation Practice." Thank you for this fine work. Owen, South Africa

I love the writings ive read. For the most part they seem quite relative to my life in the past 2 years.
An awakening---a crisis--- an initiation.-Jay

I am so glad I found this because I am doing a report on Poseidon for school. I am a six'th grader. Well, just want to thank you for your web-site and keep it going. - Vanessa

I was very insprired by your article Synergetic Qabala when I first
read it about half a year ago. I came across it in my search for some
sort of common glyph for the Non-Dual, which seemed to be most
gracefully expressed as the geometric mandala of the Cuboctahedron.
The implication of your writing was for me a syncronisity - Ashley

Iona, wow... thank you so much for your "trade" secrets and for taking the time to write your kind e mail. Your advise is well taken!! I'm going to take lots of time to absorb everything in the links you sent me. Your art and your writings are absolutley fascinating. - Mike

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