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10/09 Paranoia moves from zine to journal format and Io will be there on Biowarfare.

4/09 - Paranoia Magazine #50, "DUNE MEME: Is Earth Becoming a Dune Planet?" (USA) [available now]

5/09 - Alchemy Journal, Vol. 10 No. 1, "Anima Mundi: Soul of the World" (Australia) [available now]

The Alchemy Journal is published by Salamander and Sons for the International Alchemy Guild. Current issue of the Journal (Vol.10 No.1), themed the ALCHEMICAL FEMININE. The issue features Gudni Gudnasson, Abigail McBride, Dr. Bruce Fisher, Iona Miller, Steve Kalec, Michael Pearce, Karen Bartlett, Dr. Theresa Ibis, Tamara Nikolic and Jay Hochberg, Rubaphilos Salfluĕre, Andrew Minkin, Dennis William Hauck, Darcy Kuntz, Mike Ridpath, Alexander Price, and Jeannie Radcliffe, among others, and will be available shortly.

Bleeding Edge - Antibothis Occulture Journal, Vol. III, (Portugal) "Manifest Destiny Manifesto" (Iona also appeared in Vol.I)

Forthcoming issues of ANTIBOTHIS will feature texts/interviews from/with : John Zerzan, Joe Ambrose, Ray Kurzweill, Earth First, Stewart Home, Z..ev, Aki Nawaz (Fun-Da-Mental) , Terre Thaemlitz, Crimethinc, Nigel Ayers (nocturnal emissions), Lob, Monochron (vienna art group), B-Eden (pyromania arts, ex:psychic warriors ov gaia), Aragorn 23, Tactical Art Coalition, FoolishPeople, Randall Pike, Tom McCarthy, Ewen Chardronnet, Transnational Republic, SocialFiction, Iona Miller, Chad Hensley, Adi Newton (Clock Dva), Robin Rimbaud ( Scanner ), among many others.

Scheduled for the cd compilation included in the book:

Master Musicians of Joujouka, Kawabata Makoto (acid mothers temple), Post Human Tantra, Astro (hiroshi hasegawa) Gjoll, Ewen Chardronnet, among many others

What's New with My Subject?



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"The Mother of All Think Tanks," Tavistock transnational tentacles form holographic feedback loops, clandestine backdoors and wormhole shortcuts among cultural institutions with compartmentalized projects.  Each can be unpacked for their associations and effects on society - Intelligence, Military, Government, NGOs, Economics, InfoTech, Mass Media, Philosophy, Occult, Religion, Science, Academia, Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine and Zeitgeist. 




New Article:


THE UNINVITED STATES OF AMERICA: The Long Crisis, Psystrat & Tavistock Agenda. Many articles have described the psychosocial history of the Tavistock Institute and its draconian social-engineering agenda. But this one approaches it using Tavistock's own analytical frame. It uses the terminology and working model of the psyche of its pioneers, Freud and Jung, including repression, compensation, opposition and polarity, complexes, esoterics, typology, mythology, dreams, individuation, universal patterns and the collective unconscious.

RETRIEVAL - http://zero-point.tripod.com/holistic/Holistic.html

The Holistic Qabala: A Practical Guide to Contemporary Magick

Aug 16, 2002 ... THE HOLISTIC QABALA. A Practical Guide to Contemporary Magick. by Iona Miller; Updated by Iona Miller, 1999 ...

THE HOLISTIC QABALA online E-book - We live today in a rapidly changing, technological world. With so many of our cultural institutions and ideas undergoing transformation, where can we turn for a user-friendly approach to the problems of living? We are bombarded with information from the media about how to transform ourselves and others. But, where can we find the criteria for what constitutes a change in the right direction? Esoteric Arts & Sciences. Contemporary Western Qabala.

RETRIEVAL - SYNERGETIC QABALA - Pantheon book; Holistic Qabala book; sacred geometry; Diamond Body book; Buckminster Fuller & the Qabala; Universal Solvent; VR Magick,more.




RETRIEVAL - PANTHEON online e-book


Gods and goddesses are not presented as objects of worship or veneration, but as universal autonomous forces with their own agendas which weave constantly through our outer and inner reality.  They are relevant in daily life because they are the motivating factors behind our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behavior.  We can hardly hope to be self-directing individuals without some knowledge of their patterns and effects on our lives and souls.  In this work, the correspondences of godforms to chapters is patterned after the Paths and Tarot Trumps.  A godform is corresponded with each Trump through astrological attributes.  This makes Pantheon useful to students of Tarot, Qabala, astrology, and Jungian thought.

August 2009

Iona Miller's Meta Hari Blog: ionamiller.wordpress.com

COLLECTIVE PSYCHE is a meta-theory of mankind and the primordial field of consciousness/matter, first proposed by Jung. We have no control over the collective psyche, the dynamic totality of all conscious and unconscious psychic processes, a self-organizing process with its own structure and flow.  Global sociopolitical life mirrors this condition (including deeply ingrained conflict, the will to live and depression). Systemic global problems are mirrored in each of us. So are collective delusions. But our collective hearts are increasingly crying out for something beyond that myopia. Change starts with the questions we ask because they are embedded with the potential to shift our awareness to more expansive and unexpected views. Can we harness what we've learned the hard way?

PHOTONIC HUMAN SITE: Matter is different frequencies of "frozen light," codified in the EM spectrum. Matter resonates with sound and forms patterns. All matter is a complex field phenomena. The basis of wave theory is a complex form of energetic matter. Living forms of energy are standing waves rather than "solid objects." Mass/particles are actually dynamic processes. Mass attracts photon flux from the vacuum. Our biophysics is bioelectronic and electrochemical as well as quantum. Our DNA expresses and directs matter through quantum bioholography, using sound and light. We are composed of, feed on and emit light. Our body uses light to coordinate its processes. We are a flow of light...a virtual photon geyser.

EMERGENT HEALING SITE: Emergence is an organic process which has superceded mechanistic models of healing. It is central to understanding consciousness and the brain. Emergence is a process by which order appears “spontaneously” within a system. Spontaneous healing defies medical explanations but manifests everyday in our healthy immune function. We can heal physically, psychologically and spiritually. A mental shift can produce a physical shift. We can develop strategies for deliberately optimizing this process.

New Site: Netzach Art Gallery


 In the art of Qabalah, NETZACH is the realm of creative imagination, affect, aesthetic arrest. It also means clarity, brightness, sincerity, and truth. It is the sphere of meaning, divine beauty, the inner glow that results from the merging of human and divine. Art reflects the cosmic creative process. The evolution of art mirrors our liberation from time, space and personality. No longer bound by normal sensory frames, we are removed from time and desire. Through the magick of art we give birth to our vision of reality. This imaginal reality has the occult or hidden ability to radically transform us. Art is the secret of the secret art. We gain independence through the construction of images in both science and art. Art is therapeutic magic. It mediates the Great Unknown through the power of self-expression as the inner becomes the outer. We turn ourselves inside-out.

We are works of art. Our consciousness is a formative power. Art is an aesthetic mystical experience. Art is an upwelling. Creativity is a constant. We have intuitive access to the collective pool and to our cultural destiny. We discover our originality. Art expands our consciousness. It can be prophetic. Imagination flows through us, welling up from our core as a flow state. In an artfully and heartfully lived life, we can apply a similar strategy to our spirituality. Our lives become multidimensional artful expressions without frames, embodied in living Light. Process-oriented spirituality is an art that is eclectic and intensely personal.

July 2009


The Consciousness Restructuring Process provides a means of direct participation in the emergent process of creating ever-newing resilience through psychophysical healing by facilitating REM and neural restructuring. CRP is an interdisciplinary artform.  Aspects of this living process can be described, modelled or experienced through such scientific concepts as Relativity Theory, Quantum Theory, Chaos Theory, the Holographic Model, Systems Theory, Synergetics, REM Dynamics, Personal Mythology, Genetics, Neurotheology and Physiology.  The practice of CRP therapy is essentially Humanistic; it is rooted in Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Dreamwork, but takes these disciplines into the Transpersonal Realms where we connect with Source, with Creativity, with Healing, with Spirituality.

Resilience helps us bounce back or recover our spirit, energy, and harmonious way of being.  Psychological resilience is that factor which heals us from the traumatic stress of modern life that we are all subjected to in a variety of forms.  Resilience has many facets. This resilient "state" represents the cohesive and stabilizing elemental matrix through which a unifying life force is resonantly evolving within us.  It is made up of many underlying processes, as well as a quality or state of being.  In those for whom this quality is in short supply, therapy can foster first its emergence, and then its stabilization as an intrinsic quality of being, by connecting us with the source of resilience.

http://ufomeme.iwarp.com "Lost In Translation" Website

A report on the nature of consciousness, perception, memory, dreams, hypnosis, process-oriented therapy, paranoia, false memory syndrome, neuropsychology, geological anomalies, and the UFO-ET phenomenon.  Despite the true essence of any alien manifestation, this notion functions as an informational virus which is a psychosocial reality.  This mini-course in the complexity of interrelated issues impacting the nature of perception is meant to help sort out those phenomena, while deepening understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the universe.

http://mysticpoetry.iwarp.com  "Iona Miller's Mystical Poetry" This collection of mystical and qabalistic poetry draws from the roots which use the erotic language of conjugal love as a metaphor of mystical union and spiritual emancipation.  This collection includes a variety of styles and themes including those of tantra, gnosticism, portraiture, literary allusion, pathworking, dream journeys, creation myths, meditations, paeons, magick,  depth psychology, and love poems.  The metaphorical references are cross-cultural, rather than adhering to those of only Qabalah or any specific path.

June 2009

***New Sites - SYNDEX1 and SYNDEX2



Syndex I & II are about the spiritual and universal beauty of numbers.  They reflect the order and beauty of nature, but also of psyche.  According to Jung, number unifies the physical and psychic (as in "realm of the psyche", not fortunetelling) worlds through synchronicity.  Jung's basic ideas about the unity of knowledge and existence are in principle synonymous with the Platonic tradition, alchemy, Qabala and Gnosticism. Plato treated the end product of the evolution of mathematical concepts, (a fixed system of idealized objects), as an independent beginning point of the evolution of the "world of things." Syndex graphically displays formerly undiscovered symmetries in the natural number sequence and distribution of primes.  It is based on a series of circular unities (self-contained objects), the results of prime number multiplexing, from whose factors cascade the whole panoply of ancient “sacred numbers” of many diverse cultures.

May 2009

***New Mega-Site - "The Transmodern Alchemist"








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